Remember when Porsche couldn't give away the 918?

Does anyone recall, all those years ago, when Porsche was having a ‘problem’ selling the 918 Spyder? Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon....We told you, no one will buy a brand new million-dollar Porsche!!!

Remember those days, way back when? (Hint: it was just over two years ago in 2013) Here are a few reminders of how the press had a schadenfreude-like boner when rumours started spreading of alleged slow demand for the new 918. Here’s what they said:

“Those two (Ferrari and McLaren) are also sold out. Porsche, on the other hand, still has about half its 918-unit 918 production run available.” - Car and Driver 12/2013


In May of 2013, Jalopnik had these sarcastic comments: “ The Porsche 918 is so special, in fact, that both the McLaren and the Ferrari have actually already sold out. — Hey Porsche- if you can’t get rid of them, I’ll take one off your hands. Just sayin’.”

“The Porsche 918 hybrid supercar took more brainpower and money to build than Porsche had originally fathomed. Luckily for Porsche, though, the 918 is selling like hotcakes. Oh I’m sorry. I was thinking of the LaFerrari. No, the 918 isn’t selling well at all.” – Digital Trends 11/2013

Our own Douglas P. DeMuro even chimed in with his probably-unread-until-now 2014 ‘review’ over on AutoTrader, saying that the car had “cutting edge technology” and “incredible performance”, but then added “Cons: enormous price tag; large production run” and called it “one of the most expensive new cars of all time.” Doug later piled on the hate, saying it had a “mediocre electric powertrain, and an insanely high price tag.” Yikes. Sounds like someone is still angry about doing TPS reports while working at Porsche. (If you followed him on Twitter, you’d already know this...)

One would think all of those soon-to-be-leftovers on the Porsche lots would depreciate faster than the seven gallons of milk you bought right before the last blizzard. Well, kids, guess what?


Yup, the Porsche 918 is already fetching a 50% premium at auction....


Barrett-Jackson just dropped the hammer on a white 918 that went for $1.76 Million dollars. SOLD!!! Wait, what? Oh, OK, sure....some nouveau-riche cattle farmer probably thought it was a mid-engined Corvette concept from the 80s and got a little crazy, mistakenly placing $100,000 bids with his corn-cob pipe. Who the hell sells a German supercar at steer auction???

Let’s leave the muscle-car circus tent and head on over to the RM Sothebys auction, where sensible, wine-drinking, old-money folk bid with nods and winks, not burps. These true Ferraristas would never pay more than....what? $1,595,000 for a two-year-old Porsche??? My 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 RS isn’t even worth that much!!! What’s going on????


It appears that demand for the Porsche 918 is legit. Get one while you can.

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