Here. Remember Zeltweg.

This is Old Zeltweg. Plain old Zeltweg. Unassuming, ordinary Zeltweg. Not much to write home about, really.

This, meanwhile, is what I propose be Zeltweg’s final form.

This meanwhile, is Zeltweg after 3 weeks at boot camp, now called Zeltweg Auto-Rennstrecke. Not too shabby, eh? The first corner, Scheuder, is safe.

Lernen Sie den neuen Zeltweg Autorennstrecke. 21 corners, just the right amount of elevation changes to present a challenge. Equal parts flat-out and technical. And that big fat left-hander? Oh, don’t worry about it. Senna didn’t die because the corner is inherently deadly. It’s because he slammed a hard wall. This track does not have hard walls.

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