This past week I took apart the M3 to get access to the blower motor that has been squealing for the past 3ish years. Rather than putting it under the passenger side dash like everyone else, the only access is under the hood behind the engine through a little window about 10 inches high. It was a pain in the ass but something I was prepared to do. I finally got it all put back together last night. In order to get the fan in and out I had to unplug the battery which of course reset the clock.

The only way to set the clock is to rotate a little post that sticks out of the instrument cluster clockwise or counter clockwise. So I’m rotating it counter clockwise and I overshoot the time so I turn it clockwise to come back up. *Click* it stops working. No big deal, I guess I’ll rotate 24 hours back the other way. *Click* Damn it. So now my clock is stuck 32 minutes behind. No other way to set the clock even with the INPA software I have. Options are 1) deal with it. 2) replace the cluster for $1,000. 3) take it apart while still plugged in and push the buttons with a pen or paper clip (which would have to be done every daylight savings time) or 4) take it apart and solder in a bridge to change the push function from changing to military time format and instead make a push go to time up. I’ll probably go with option 4.


Also I noticed a coolant puddle under the Passat. Checked under the hood and there’s about an inch long crack in the coolant reservoir. $20 on Amazon later and I’ll be replacing that this weekend.