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Reminder: Don't be a Stupid

My proverbial and literal eye roll of the night goes out to the driver of this brand new, very sexy sounding Mustang who came flying up on me, tailgated me briefly, then blew by me as soon as he could. This is a 45mph road, I was going around 45-50, so I’ll let you guess his speed. Anyhow, as you can see, a light a ways ahead of him goes yellow, and being the genius that he is, Mr. Mustang audibly speeds up. Like at most intersections, this one had left turners trying to clear it. Mustang dingus misses one of them by a margin far too small for comfort. I can’t judge how close they were from my distance, but I clenched my buttcheeks and prepared to witness a crash. Your car may be fast, your skills may be high, and your appointment may be about to start, but please, the road is not your racetrack.

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