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Reminder - Hp wars are real

in 1994 the cummins 5.9 in the 3500 ram made 175 hp and 420 lbs-ft (if you opted for the manual...auto was somehow less)


in 2014 - current the ram ecodiesel 3.0L V6 makes 240 hp and 420 lbs-ft.

it wasn’t until 2002 that you could even get more than 240 hp from the Cummins, and only (again) with the manual. The auto had to be detuned.

in 17 model years they’ve gone from 245/460 to 385/930 hp/lbs-ft

the 6bt/isb was a great motor, but I think we often think on it a little TOO fondly. It was a great SLOW motor.


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