Reminder: North LA Oppo "Meet" This Friday!

Wrong Wheel Drive and I are going to meet up on the morning of Friday July 12th to carve some canyons, go on a short hike, and maybe even hit up the beach before I fly back to Portland. Who wants to come?

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I’m visiting the LA area on business in early July, and on my last day down, I want to finally get out of the perfumed armpit that is the Irvine Spectrum Center and check out some of those SoCal driving roads everyone talks about. Having made Wrong Wheel Drive’s acquaintance on the PNW Spring Cruise, I felt like I had leeway to bug him and see if he’d mind showing me around his part of LA.

He’s graciously agreed, so we’re planning to meet up “in Malibu,” “between 8 and 9 AM,” depending on how much traffic I run into on my way up from Irvine (I’m planning to head out at 6). Then we’ll do a drive, a hike, and if time allows it, stop by the beach. I need to be at LAX at 4:30-ish to drop off the car, and my flight is scheduled for 5:50.

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