Reminder: Nostalgia is a filter

Kodak makes a super 8 film camera. yup. That super 8. I think its an effort to jump on the LOMO/retro vibe right now and you know what? Im not even mad. Neat. Options. However seeing this demo reel for their $3000 slice of retro (not including film) made me realize that nostalgic, romantic looks at the “good old days” are indeed looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I mean, this is the same “content” that would otherwise be unextraordinary but because it looks old its suddenly romantic and special? Now I understand that “art” is an emotion more than a science so if this tickles your specials than more power to you but to me it destroys the past, by reminding me that it wasn’t creamy and dreamy, only captured that way.


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