First and foremost, please contact me at the provided Gmail in the linked page, or better yet on Facebook or Instagram if you follow me there. I’m fairly open about who I am, so if you want to find me on there, it’s fairly easy.

If you haven’t reserved at Fontana yet, you still can, just not at the discounted rate. I will try to make a schedule soon, so look out for that! Also, if you have a preferred chat group, please let me know, there is no cell service other than the wifi at the lodges. So far, plan on meeting at the Wildwood Grill at the lodge at around 6:30-7 at Fontana.

Saturday the plan is to do the Skyway and possibly the Foothills Parway, and we will depart for that from the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort where we will meet for breakfast and morning runs. Plan on getting there at 6:30-7am, because that’s the best time to make a run on the Dragon.


Here is a little more about the meet:


If anybody has any more suggestions, please let me know.

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