Reminder why I put down the wrenches outside dire circumstances: Or how I came home covered in muck from sliding down a storm drain.

I pulled over to the curb at a corner to undo a bolt*. Which proceeded to slip out of my hand and roll two feet into a storm drain directly in front of me. A moment of silence for the outright stupidity of what I had just committed was observed. Finally I got over my incredulity and decided to see if the drain could be removed.

Luckily at this point there were still no curtain clutchers pointing their cell phones at me. So I gave the drain a successful heave. Man did I feel an idiot crawling down to pluck it out of who knows what before it got taken downstream. This prop comedy shit just doesn’t happen in real life for frog snacks.


*Square taper crank held on by friction with a bolt snugged against it in case of failure. Stripped threads prevented normal removal so I resorted to doing a couple hard efforts to break it loose. Which failed. BFH, which was abandoned before I messed up the rear suspension, failed. Current assessment is I had green loctite in my hand and did the dumbest possible thing.

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