Remote start.

I’m getting a Compustar DC3 remote start system installed in my 6 tomorrow. With a Drone Mobile unit so I can start it with my phone.

I’m a bit nervous but I really want this feature. My mechanic friend is trying to talk me out of it because he has seen too many sloppy installs that cause problems years down the road. I’m hoping, though, that by going to a local reputable shop, I should be okay.


The main feature that entices me is the secure takeover aspect, which has been introduced recently on Mazdas by the aftermarket. I can get it in the car without the engine stopping. Pressing the brake without the key fob will kill it, but if you do have the key fob, you get 45 seconds to press the brake and boot up the rest of the car (radio and such).

Here’s a YouTube video of it installed on a 3:

I can use the OEM key fob or my phone. Pretty neat.

I just hope they don’t screw it up. I’m going to a local shop with good reviews that has been in business as long as I can remember, though. I was considering going to Best Buy and then I remembered what it was like working there in college.

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