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Removed 2 Small Things.

Replaced one of them. But now I can drive at night again, have use of my high beams (for the first time since owning my car), and my airbag light isn’t on ever again.

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This is the part that I believe was the culprit. I have never seen anyone post anything online about this part being the reason for the headlight switcher not working on a Miata, so I thought I’d point this out as a potential solution for someone else in the same boat.

I didn’t take a picture of the good one, but it wasn’t sitting so high and flimsy with the spring like the one above. I sanded and put 100% silicone grease on the contacts all through out the switch like I did before:


This time though my results were better, in that with the little part replaced it now functions 100%. Maybe I damaged the other one the first time somehow, I don’t know, but it works now so whatever.

Update: The high beams don’t function 100% as they initially did... I was hopeful for this fix, but for now I give up and will just use low beams.

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