Without the airbag, I’ve got an empty space that’s slightly larger than the glovebox.

blow dryer and styling tools...?

I could easily fit an amp and stereo in here for a super Stealth sound system, but I’d want to get a volume knob/buttons of some sort on my new steering wheel. Basically, it would have to be usable without opening the airbag cover to keep it super stealthy, and I don’t have enough experience with car audio to know if that’s feasible with current Bluetooth connection issues and whatnot.

The other idea was just use it as a much needed extra storage bin, possibly cutting out high density foam to perfectly fit a camera, gopro and other valuables I normally don’t feel safe leaving in the car.

I’m planning on fabricating brackets so I can hinge the top of the airbag cover, but I haven’t decided on the best way to open and close it yet.


You know those cabinets that you push to open the door, then push again to lock it in place? I’d love something like that but it seems a bit complicated...

Okay I’ll stop talking. Any good ideas from wiser heads than mine?