help me
heal me
hurt me
scar me
eat me
drink me
gut me
stab me
sew me
restore me
relieve me
fix me
choose me
reject me
hate me
love me
feed me
starve me
confine me
seclude me
detach me
sever me
deface me
destroy me
break me
ruin me
impale me
waste me
slay me
abort me
change me
aid me
cure me
treat me
revive me
sway me
impress me
raise me
transform me

Had a weird Spongebob dream last night. Squidward was missing... they searched his house, the Krusty Krab, and Spongebob’s house

Eventually Spongebob found his body parts all cut up in a kitchen drawer.

I did have fried calamari last night...