Renault 5 GT Turbo VS. 205 GTI...

Wait, this isn’t 1990, let’s do Clio 3 RS vs. 208 GTI.
I’m looking for a car after the Megane RS fiasco. And I’m splitted like VanDamme on two Volvo trucks.

If you read about my recent misadventures, you know I bought a Megane RS, tried to register it, but couldn’t, because fuck administration. I took it back to the dealer, who didn’t have anything interesting available to replace it (some were interesting, but not available, and I don’t really wanna buy a car there anymore). Anyway, I need/want a car.

I thought about it all weekend, and checked different things, went through a ton of listings, and boiled it down to 2 specific cars.


I started with really loose criteria:
At least 200 hp
Less than 10 years old
Less than 100.000 km
Not too far away (I’m busy these days)

To filter out the SUVs and sedans, I added 2/3 doors to the criteria.
After some loops, I boiled it down to 2 cars, a 208 GTI and a Clio 3 RS.

208: not the wheels it’s sold with / Clio: not the actual car, but similar

Let’s compare:


1.6L turbo vs 2.0L NA
200hp@5800rpm vs 201hp@7100rpm
275Nm@1700rpm vs 215Nm@5400rpm
6800rpm redline vs 7500rpm redline
1288kg vs 1371kg
7,5L/100km vs 9,3L/100km (taken from


Now of course the comparison is unfair, since the 208 started when the Clio 3 stopped, but you can find them both in the same price range.


I really like them both.

The 208 has a really tame design, it has some plastic cladding on the fenders to make it wider, the bumpers are different from the basic ones, but don’t really look sporty, but that makes it stealthy. Also: red is fast.


The Clio is instantly recognizable as an RS, it really stands out with it’s specific bumpers and rear diffuser, and the yellow/black combo is just perfect.

Not the actual car


They both have good and bad aspects.

The Pug’s dash is clearly more beautiful, even though it has these stupid tablet-like screen added to the top. The red accents look awesome. The seats are average bucket seats covered in leather, they have red inlays and stitching, which is a nice touch.


In comparison, the Clio dash looks terribly boring. Other than that, it has the yellow accents everywhere in the interior, which are nice, and it has the same Recaro cloth seats as well, which are just perfect in every way (except comfort of course).

Not the actual car


I haven’t driven any of those. two, so I really don’t know what they are like. They are both around where I work, so I plan to check the 208 out after work tomorrow, and the Clio on Tuesday.


Both are awesome, and both have arguments for and against them, I hope I’ll be decided after testing them.
Any input on those two?

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