Europponauts already know this, but a few weeks ago I’ve totaled Maxitwingo aka the Espaceship.

Maxitwingo shortly after Europpomeet 2017
Can you spot the Minivan?
Minutes after the fatal impact...

I killed it, but life goes on, and after over 300.000km of faithful service it has long proven its worth. Rest in pieces, literally.

In my previous Oppo post I contemplated buying a 1993 Nissan Maxima. I did in fact end up buying a Maxima this weekend, not a ‘93, but a ‘95 QX.


Its a 2.0L V6 SE 5-speed, very red and very well taken care of by its previous owner who sadly passed away recently. Barely 103.000km, and with a full set of nearly new summer and winter tires included in the price of €2,000. I will receive the keys to it on Saturday, expect updates by then. Lest it not meet a far too early demise like Maxitwingo.

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