Renault Twizy

I always find travel particularly satisfying. Particularly when I'm deliberate seeing specific things. On a recent trip to Europe I tried very hard to see every car thing I could. I stopped at the Donkervoort headquarters, the DAF museum, Perry's Rod Shop, a Ducati dealer and the American Motorcycle Museum in the Netherlands.

One thing you can't plan is the different vehicles you'll see on the side of the road. While all the shops and museums I visited were very cool, I also saw some neat vehicles in the real world. I saw multiple Tesla Model D sedans. I also saw a Renault Twizy. If you haven't seen one this is what it looks like.


Photo Credit Chris Baird

What is it? I had never seen one. It's a small electric city vehicle that straddles the line of car/motorcycle like so many other vehicles these days. It doesn't have a long range, 60 miles. I believe this is ok as most people's daily drives relatively short, especially in cities. Being electric it doesn't spend time idling and it's very small so it parks well.

In an interesting way that shows how the whole world is connected, I had been reading about the 3-D printed car by Local Motors a while ago. This vehicle uses the same motor as the Twizy. Neat.


Welcome to the Future!

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