Renault will do a Twingo RS

Hot hatch fiends, set your jaws to salivation mode. The current kings of euro hot-hatchery, Renault, are testing a souped-up version of their brand new arse-engined, arse drive city shopper.

No, there are no details yet, but AutoWeek -who have the heavily watermarked pictures- speculate that it will have a 133 hp turbo engine, just like the previous Twingo RS. That one cost about a base level Fiesta in Universal Jalop Currency.


In any case, it does look like one fun little hoon nugget.

No, American friends, there are no plans to bring the Twingo to North America in any form. Go do Bambi eyes at Nissan USA. Tell 'em Daimler Benz is bringing in their version.

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