I work at a local, small town car dealership. A few years ago, the OE told us we had to renovate, or else! We didn’t, we’re still here. However, a couple weeks ago some severe weather came in and Dorothy’d our roof. Toto is fine. Back a few years ago when the OE was forcing us to go through this process they sent people here to measure the building to the exact dimensions and create CAD drawings. Both before and after renovation. Fast forward to this week and I am modifying those drawings for the remodeling we will be doing since the roof was forcibly removed.

The CAD drawings are junk. Utter, useless, should have just started over instead of modifying, JUNK. I have spent the better part of the last 3 days changing wall thicknesses, getting exact exterior dimensions (they were off by feet. FEET!) and moving walls to make it work. If your only job is to measure and be precise so that accurate drawings can be created and you failed miserably, I suggest you find a different career. Also, fuck you.