Rental Car Choices

So I am going back to the States in a few days, I will be there for about a month and I will have a rental car provided. So I was originally approved for a compact car BUT as rental companies do they offered me a free upgrade to a mid-size car.

The mid-size car will be the most basic base Doge Avenger money can buy


This modern marvel of engineering comes standard with a 2.4L 4-banger that puts out 173 HP, all this power gets mated to a four, yes F-O-U-R speed automatic transmission. Standard features include: being incredibly bland, horrible gas mileage, and a design that hasn't been altered since it's debut.

Next up we have the Compact, a Chevy Spark.

The 'fleet' Spark will get you the 1.2L that produces 84 HP and everyone's favorite, a CVT!

I don't know what to do Oppo, do I take my upgrade and get the Avenger (or similar) or stick with the itty-bitty Spark?

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