The Hertz Armada continues to truck on, despite a terrifying shake in the front end under downhill braking. I’m thinking it has pretty warped rotors. Not a lot of a rental automatic SUVs with a 5200lb curb weight (without people and cargo) are going to make it to 37,000 miles without a serious brake job. Thankfully most of the travel today was under 40mph in the park. I must say, it soaks up the rough roads pretty well. At times, we hit some pretty good ruts.

It also has some of the best windows to see wildlife out of. They’re big, they’re low, and everyone can see out of them - even people in the middle seat of the second row. My uncle commented that he still has better leg room in the 2nd row that he had on the airplane ride out.

Also, the Tetons are pretty amazing to look at. Photos from our Jenny Lake hike.


All photos on my cruddy Canon t5i with Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AI.