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Rental car Focus.

This little car has lived a hard, hard life. 38,000 miles in just under two years as a rental. Yikes.

It has dents, dings, and scratches all around. It smells faintly of smoke. It has coffee stains in the seats. The driver’s air vent adjuster lever is broken. And, the rear luggage cover is broken and not attached to the hatch anymore.


But, it still drives decently. It has plenty of pep, averages 29 miles-per-gallon in city traffic, and feels smooth and well put together. It’s also way, way quieter on the highway than I expected.

If it weren’t for the silly dual clutch transmission that doesn’t know how to behave, I’d say a Focus would be a good cheap car to get. Especially since Ford has discontinued the model here in the U.S. I bet some new 2018s will be deeply discounted soon.

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