A 323 update

The title and bill if sale showed up in the mail finally. I went and spoke to the DMV and as long as the car passes smog, I can fill out a form, pay registration, and the car will be Ca titled.(I thought it would be harder because DMV)


Did the plug wire and distributor cap/rotor earlier today. Also amazingly clean engine bay for $300

In hopes of passing smog even though it’s an 8v and I’m fairly sure CA got a 16v, Im replacing the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap/rotor, oil, fuel filter(I know some of that is irrelevant to smog)

The handling is very nice once I got over the amount of input the steering takes. Sidenote: These tires are junk. I took it on a drive through some of highway 36 (twisty). The tires were 70% when I started now they have about 40% life left. Granted that’s more my driving than the tires fault but they are really holding the car back. 155/70/13 is why, so it makes since.


Better rims and tire are on the list, which now consists of: Cv’s(ones torn), struts all round, rims/tires, and tune up stuff which I’ve done some of.


There’s also a pipedream list that involves protege motors, lightweight flywheels, and better brakes,