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Rental car part 2.

I got the Kia dropped off to be properly fixed this time, and now I have a 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid. It’s pretty great on gas (42-ish city, without even trying.) but not too special. Doesn’t have an aux port for some reason and the batteries (I’m assuming) compromise nearly half of the trunk space... but it’s not bad to drive. I just wish it was a plug-in hybrid, because it rarely charges beyond half capacity before turning on the electric motors. I prefer having it run all-electric in stop-and-go traffic, but it can’t do that when it uses all the juice just cruising. I also would be able to use the HOV lane if it was a plug-in, but not as a standard hybrid.

I’m also very confused about the proximity key... I’m not sure how long it takes to lock itself when I go away, or how close I have to be to open it. I don’t want to, say, sit in a restaurant too close to the car and have it unlock itself. I also want to know if I can make it unlock the trunk, too, instead of just the doors.


Oh, and there’s a button with a picture of a car on a hill and it doesn’t make a noticeable difference, nor is it mentioned in the quick-reference manual.

In any case, I would hate it a solid 7/10. Aside from these little annoyances, it’s cheap to run, surprisingly peppy when you want it to be, and very comfortable.

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