Imagine you had a Tampa to Florida boonies, then to Orlando, then to Tampa roadtrip to take. You’ve got two large suitcases, two small kid sized ones, and 4 small school type backpacks, which car would you choose?

well Alamo would say “oh, then you need a mid-size SUV, like a Rav4”

We have an excellent 2005 Rav4, so we said “that sounds ideal!!!”

So we flew to Tampa, and picked up....



1: the bags didnt fit. The kids, luckily still with legs short enough to not be hitting the floor board were able to stow luggage at their feet.

2: the trans hunted ALL day. and power delivery was terrible.

3: rear door handles are too high for my kids to reach to get in.

4: abysmal fuel economy. It did the two 2 hour legs using a full tank

I just hated everything about it. It was as if someone said “cars need XYZ” so they threw YXZ at it, in random orders, just a wheel here, a radio knob there, seats kind whatever. Hated it.


We dumped the Jeep at Disney, and picked up a Jetta a week later for the return.


1: the bags AND MORE just disappeared into the trunk. There was a delicate sound of a vacuum, then the trunk gently whispered “moooooaaarrrr”

2: it had great power

3: it looked and felt new

4: it did the final 2 hour leg with 1/8th of a tank.

It looked better, it held people better, it held more stuff better, it drove better. It was a genuinely enjoyable road trip.


TL;DR: get a mid-size sedan, not a mid-size SUV to carry things.