Bask in it’s glory, ye oppos. It is silver, it has heated seats, it has self opening trunk, blind spot monitoring etc...

It is silver with a black interior.

At the picturesque Don Pedro Reservoir near Stockton California

It is actually comfortable to drive and has good ergonomics.

It has a very noisy engine >3,000 rpm.

Cruises at 80 no problem.

It has a CVT that acts like a CVT not like a fake CVT.

Best mileage 25 mpg, worst 17 mpg.

Bigly back seats.

Medium sized trunk (same as my 2002 impreza) smaller than my outback.

Decent power.

Very over boosted steering when you are going slow, but feels normal when at speed.

Climate control.

Flat bottom steering wheel.

10/10 would rent again.

Yawn.......... I was hoping for a v6 mustang or camero on this trip. Oh well.


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