SOOOO yesterday I got a call from my dealership saying my beetle was ready. I was so excited that I used Vacation time and took off early because I miss it that much. I took my 2013 most boring car of the year corolla back to enterprise, was driven to my dealer down the way and I walked swiftly into the service bay expecting to see my car in all its glory awaiting me...... lol...


My "service advisor" greeted me and asked me what I was doing there.... I responded "Well the service receptionist called me and told me the bug was ready to go!" he laughed and said "LOL NO!"......................... mind you I just drove alittle over and hour to get my car... I asked "where is my car?" and he said that it was not back from the auto body department and that he has no idea why the teenage girl at the service booth called me. SO I was taken back to enterprise and they put me in THIS

A fiat 500 POP. It's suprisngly fun! VERY nimble, scoots about just fine and doesnt sound like a lawn mower on wet grass. Turn the traction control off and depress the "SPORT" button and you have a lively little car. The "shift it yourself" automatic is rough at times, nothing compared to a DSG or SMG gear box speed wise but still get the job done. The only negatives I really have are the placement of the window switches, the radio controls and monotone interior, I wish it were red and ivory two tone.


I pick my car up tomorrow, also keep in my mind I'm reviewing this car for what it is, a compact, not a super car.

I wanna know what's the most spunky/unique car you've ever driven or owned?