Lets get this out of the way: National Rental Car is one of the least expensive rental car agencies out there and you really don’t get to pick your car. So I take what they give me and just drive it.

Last time I picked up a car at the Kalispell Airport for a drive to Spokane WA it was a 2016 Toyota Camry, and I loved it. This time I was a bit disappointed to find my key fob said “Kia Forte-Grey”.

Initial impressions: slow, grey, and boring, but the seat was comfortable and the controls were easy to use. The entire interior is black plastic, but it’s easy to look at and for some reason doesn’t seem as cheap as the interior on the VW Jetta I had a while ago.

Final impressions: slow-ish, grey, comfortable, wholly hell that gas mileage is great. Spent 5 minutes trying to get into a Hyundai Elantra at the hotel Tuesday morning, until I realized it was not my car. Fits a 63 cm cannondale fairly well with the front wheel removed. 6 speed auto is better than a CVT.


It is a very straight forward car, trying to do nothing exceptionally well and doing nothing poorly either. Check out the weird A-pillar window, completely useless but kinda cool too. 10/10 would rent again.

Handling: steering is dead feeling from 11-1 o’clock then gets weighted. A bit floaty in the front, doesn’t make you want to speed around corners. At least the shocks and springs are well matched. I’ve driven so many cars recently that had soft springs and under dampened shocks, that just makes the ride harsh then the car rolls and dives really bad when pushed.

Power?: it has an engine, it moves the car. It feels like a standard utility item, nothing special or nothing especially bad.