My parents are coming out to the Bay Area next month and we’re driving from SF to Yellowstone/Montana. We rented an “L-Class” SUV from Hertz. I’m hoping for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I may see if the location (it’s my local place) will take a special request. It’s kind of the only complete-package SUV in the fleet for that class. Everything else is either gutless, dull, harsh, or just plain old.

The site says “4runner or similar”, which apparently includes:

Chevrolet 0-60 by Next Year’s Equinox
Ford Edgeless
GMC Rarely Sees Terrain
Hyundai Santa Fe
Jeep Grand Rascism
Mitsubishi Endeavor To Be Remembered
Xssan Xterra
Dodge Adjourn-ey
Ferd Explerrer