Of course since it’s a rental, you get the V6 and the automatic transmission but it is actually a fun car in the turns. You really feel the weight of it but with traction and stability controls off and the shifter in manual (paddle shifted) mode, it works pretty well. I drove up Mount Wilson since that is now my favorite rental car test road.

I’m in Santa Barbara for the weekend so it’s a good car for that anyways. Got it for $150 for 4 days which is a pretty sweet deal. I’ll be sure to review it a bit for Oppo. My favorite part about the car vs the normal Camaro is that you can actually see out of it! But the top takes more than 30 seconds to raise and lower. This certainly bothers me since my Miata is so easy to just top up, top down, top up, top down. Also, already tested the donut making ability very successfully.