For the fourth of July weekend, my girlfriend are spending the weekend in Orange County / San Diego. We are staying all the way out in Lake Elsinore because we have a really nice airbnb and the area is pretty. Plus we get to drive on Ortega Highway which is always fun! Anyways, for this trip I picked out a Manual FRS on Turo and have begun getting used to the car. Very weird how it feels like my Miata but with a hard top. The only real difference so far is just how quiet it is. Steering, suspension, throttle; they all feel pretty similar. Not sure yet if this car actually feels faster or not but it really feels about the same. I definitely don’t find it slow other than starting from a stop on a freeway entrance. But that’s the same as my Miata. All about momentum!

So far we have done one trip on California 74 (Ortega Highway) but it was 7pm on a Friday night before a holiday so it was crowded with commuter traffic. I’m doubtful it will be much emptier today on a late morning Saturday but at least we might see some cool cars going through as well. We plan to head down to Laguna Beach just to check out all the ostentatious cars and spend some time at the beach.

Being a black on black car, it gets VERY hot when you leave it to sit in the sun for a bit. I would definitely want one in a lighter color. But at least the AC works really well and doesn’t seem to suck any life out of the engine. I also found the sport button like halfway through Ortega Highway and found out that makes quite the difference. The car just became much more responsive! I tend to forget about buttons and traction control and what driving with a roof is like. I think it’s just different but is just the right amount of modern convenience.


I plan to drive this car a bit and then try to compare it to my Miata. I’ve always wanted to see a full comparison between an NA/NB miata and the FRS/BRZ. I think its the best comparison to make since the FRS really does feel like a refined coupe version of my own car. Do I miss having a convertible in Socal? Yes, certainly. But I also definitely like all the extra space, how quiet it is with the windows up, and just the way the car feels modern without being a penalty box like so many newer economy cars can be. I am sure with more driving this car will be added to my “must buy in the future” list since these are bound to get real cheap eventually. I just need more people to complain about how slow it is, that is sure to drive pricing down!