Rented a Bird

Bird scooters, also known as a recent scourge to modern society, are marketed as a solution to the “last mile” problem that is all too common in American public transit systems. I had to drop off my Miata at the shop to solve my leaking diff problem so I decided to rent a Bird on my way home. I could have taken the bus ($2.50) or an Uber for about $8. Both of those probably would have taken longer though for the 2.5 mile trip home. My scooter ride came out $5.69 and took about 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes of walking to find the nearest one to the shop. I had a bike path to ride on most of the way so it was mostly cruising at 18mph according to the speedo. The scooter felt kinda sketchy at that speed but with smooth pavement it wasn’t so bad. Bumpy sidewalks with pedestrians required much slower speeds for the bits that I had to go through. I guess I could have “mad max” my way through everything at top speed but I have too much caution to try and save $1 in ride time. Anyways, it was a fun little experiment since I never rode one before. Kind of expensive for what it is, especially when just figuring out the bus probably would have been easy. But I enjoy vehicles of all sorts so it was worth the experience.

And no, I didn't throw it in a lake afterwards. 


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