Renting a garage?

I think the last time I posted here was like 2 years ago. A lot has changed for me since then. I graduated college, moved out of mom and dad’s, and moved to a new city (Baltimore) which is 3 hours away from home for work.

But basically, I need a new hobby (kinda). I no longer have the luxury of using a garage everyday or a garage to store a possible project. I live in a high rise with a parking deck, but I can’t really work on my car there (making a mess could get me evicted). I don’t even have any tools with me (all left back at mom and dad’s) except a screwdriver, some duct tape, and a hammer.

I thought of maybe jumping into rallycross or SCCA or something like that, but beating on my daily driver (and only car) kinda scares me, especially when I can’t work on it/try to fix it.


Is there such a thing as a place where I can rent a garage (or at least a bay in a garage) that has a lift/tools, where I can work on my car myself?

Pic somewhat related. My neighbor’s car and me.

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