Wanna take bets on what we get? I’m sort of hoping for a Kia Sedona, because I like them and want to see how they drive. But, I figure we will probably get a Dodge Grand Caravan.

The rental itself says “Dodge Grand Caravan or similar.” Got a good deal through a discount provided by my work, though.

I’m just hoping we don’t exceed the payload. We’ll have four adults, two kids in convertible car seats, and luggage for four days. Probably should’ve rented a 12-passenger and gotten a Ford Transit Wagon. Oh well. If we don’t exceed the payload, we’ll be right up on it. Kind of makes me nervous since we are going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee (Smoky Mountains).


I also hope whatever we get is new or close to it because rental minivans tend to be rode hard and put away wet.

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