While installing a new alternator in my 80 this weekend, I was sitting up on the radiator and heard a loud crack. I discovered to my horror that I had snapped the plastic barb that connects the top of the radiator to the throttle body. Needless to say I cursed my unfortunate posterior placement and went about finishing the alternator. ALSO WHY ON EARTH DO THEY MAKE RADIATORS OUT OF PLASTIC???

Now that I need to fix this I have some questions. Everyone on the land cruiser forum keeps telling me to just replace the radiator - but my combination of stubbornness, frugality, and general infatuation with clever shade tree mechanical fixes are all conspiring to prevent me from taking the easy (and reliable) way out.

I'm down to two options. The first is to insert ad brass tube into the broken off barb and the radiator and JB weld the hell out of it. Someone has done this before on the internet and had success.



Other options include sealing up the throttle body and plugging the radiator hole with a bolt and JB weld. Apparently running coolant through the TB isn't necessary unless you live in Antarctica and creating a cold air intake might net me a horse or two. Can anyone confirm this?

What say you Oppo?