Replaced my Auto Trans Fluid, but had a problem - need opinions

UPDATE: Got the screw out, put new in.

Like the title states, I replaced the trans fluid in my ‘02 325i (GM Trans). When I was putting the pan back on, one of the bolts that was in the kit either was overtorqued (didn’t feel like it) or defective (they were slightly different) and the head snapped off, leaving just the body in the car. I tried drilling it out, but didn’t want to make the issue worse.

So, right now the car is put back together, just without ONE of the trans pan bolts. After a bit of driving yesterday, I didn’t spot any leaks, but am obviously worried. Do you think it’ll hold? Or do I need to drill that piece out & replace it? Or have a shop do it?


I tried an extractor kit, but the clearance is so low that it’s hard to get leverage down there.

I’m obviously most worried about leaks, and then the eventual destruction of the trans, but if this will hold for another 80k, then I’ll just deal with it. Otherwise I have to drop the whole thing again next weekend. I already complained to FCPEuro about the bolts, because they’re clearly not the same OEM ones, and were definitely a little softer.

That said, she definitely shift smoother... Putting the pan back on wasn’t the part I was expecting to be hard...

Photos below:


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