First I made sure my 24mm socket would fit the old sensor and it looked like it would work fine.

Then I went to my local Auto Parts Store© and told them year make and model and waited for them to do the jazz hands routine and ask me what part I needed. They showed me a picture on the screen and I verified that was what I needed and the lady went to find the sensor.

Meanwhile that guy in the line next to me was trying to get the obviously much younger (but still very obviously adult) cashier to come home and help him install whatever parts he was picking up. She looked to be enjoying his advances.


Then my part arrived from the back. My parts lady opened the box to show me the sensor I had previously verified on the screen. It was the right sensor. Then she says, “Aww (◕‿◕✿) it’s cute! It’s much smaller than I expected. I thought it would be bigger.”

All I could think is

and I burst out laughing.

If it had been a guy helping me out I probably would have told him that now he sounds like my wife, but I said nothing. Just laughed until she looked at me confusedly then I stopped, cleared my throat and finished our transaction.


My wife thought the exchange was hilarious.

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