This is silver Saab 9-5 Aero #4 (I have a problem, I know) and the second one of the group to need the main and rod bearings replaced due to oil starvation. Many owners used cheap oil and/or extended oil change intervals with these cars, so they end up making a bunch of sludge and plugging the oil pickup screen. This leads to cooked bearings.

The bearing shells on the left are all worn down to the copper, the one on the right has normal wear.


This is one of the crank journals with some of the copper stuck to it. As the bearing comes apart it leaves the copper behind. Luckily Saab used an absolutely bad ass coating on their cranks, meaning there's rarely any damage to the crankshaft itself. The discoloration is actually due to the heat treatment done at the factory, not from the bearing destruction.

I forgot to take a picture of the oil pan, but it was full of shavings from the bearings. In the end all this Aero will need is some polishing to remove the copper and then some new bearing shells, then it'll be back on the road.

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