My little cousin is graduating soon and wants my Fit since he knows Ive taken care of it. He saved up 2k to buy it from me but Ill use his 2k to fix it up so it can be a good car and just give it to him.

I havent had to put any real parts in the car yet. Just battery, tires and normal maintenance. Below is my list of stuff im planning on replacing. (Got a friend who runs a parts store and ill get a deal on them all)

- Front/Rear brakes calipers, rotors, pads, shoes, drums(slight upgrade over stock stuff)
- Front control arms to mainly replace bushings and ball joints, just a few bucks more and get new arms too.
- Front Axles
- Front Tie rods inner and outer
- Springs struts all the way around(may end up getting something aftermarket if budget allows)
- Bearings all the way around
- Flush and Fill all fluids

- Clutch Kit , its a stick shift Fit.

- Plastic air dam up front (its been ziptied up for a while and i plan to fix it since its 20 bucks from rockauto)
- Valve Adjustment
- Plugs and Coil packs
- Valve cover gasket
- Wheels balanced
- Alignment
- Timing chain/belt and associated parts
- Water pump
- Thermostat
- Oil pan Gasket and Magnetic drain bolt
- Alternator
- Tires are about a year old(Goodyear Viva 3 $50 dollar a pop Wal-Mart specials)

- Fuel pump, filter, clean injectors and replace any that aren’t up to par or is recommended by the shop cleaning them.

- AC fill and make sure its leak free

- Engine and trans mounts if needed

Basically go over the entire car and repalce anything that needs it. To make sure itll last for at least another 180k like it has me for the last 180k.


All parts will be installed by my mechanic at my office. The labor will be covered by me, since my cousin paid for parts.

He isnt aware of this. He said he wanted to buy my car so he can earn what he wants. At least at 18 hes got a good head on his shoulders.

He’ll be using it for college. He’ll be attending Ohio state on a football scholarship.

Anything else I should look at while the car is tore apart? I bought it new in 07. So i know and have the entire maintenance history on it. I have had zero issues out of normal wear on the car in nearly 10 years. So i figure between whats getting replaced and the fact ive had no issue, it’ll last a while.

Thanks, trying to give my cousin a decent car to have for college. Hes always liked the car since he was a little kid.

Hes used my Infiniti/Hellcat a few times and treated it well, i know because I use that Hum thing from verizon on my work trucks and used one on my car when he takes it. He fills it up, washes and vacuums it beforr bringing it back as a thanks.


Here’s an older pic of the Fit.

Edited : updated list of parts. At this point im basically going to get a thorough ultra fine tooth comb ran through it. Whatever needs or will soon need replaced is going to be.


If my cousin is smart which so far hes proven to be, he’ll keep this car until he graduates from college and is able to afford his own car. Im going to make sure he shouldn’t need to do anything other than basic maintenance until he can get his own.

My poor mechanic is going to be busy fixing my old beater. Hell I may drive it for a week to feel it ride smooth and new again.


Edit: My uncle and aunt, his parents spilled the beans. He’s aware of what Im doing and would like to help my mechanic put the parts on to learn. He plans to use it while at college if it lasts that long. He’s learning to drive stick on the old clutch so the new one doesnt get burnt out.

Sadly the old clutch is still the factory installed unit. So its definitely due to be replaced. Well now its not a secret, so I can talk to him about it and see if theres anything he wants done while its apart. The only thing he wants is some different wheels and to lower it a hair. So the stock suspension is going back and the HFP(honda factory performance) springs will go on. He’s paying the difference over stock stuff. Although me personally after almost 10 years of owning it. I wouldnt lower it. It sits low enough with stock crap the wrong driveway angle makes the front end drag. His call though. I told him about it, but I get it. I was an 18yo kid that had a k20 swapped 01 civic. So I understand.