Home improvement talk after the jump.

Got a quote for replacing the windows in my house. They’re 15 years old, weren’t properly maintained (read, not maintained AT ALL) by the first and previous owner of the house, they leak, hold nothing in terms of temperature stability, and some of the outer seals have been popping. Yesterday we had an insurance adjuster out, a roofing company out, and a window company out. We had some storm damage in early April, and the adjuster is recommending a full roof replacement for storm damage. Great. They may be recommending a few of the windows as well because the high winds would have caused some of the seal breakage and leaking. Who’s to say.

Anyway, we got a quote to replace the windows, and I wanted to check in and see how that sounded with the Oppo crew, if anyone has done this. Moving 16 windows from below builder grade double pane single hung to triple pane double hung (smallest window is 26x60), replacing 7 double pane picture windows with new double pane picture windows (two of these are 6' x 6', two more at large curved top windows), and replacing the sliding glass door to the deck is quoted at $16,580, or an average of $658 a window and $1460 for the sliding glass. This is the final price with all labor and materials. We’re told this is a special for being a “showcase home” which I don’t buy at all, but the price is lower than anything I’ve come up with for 23 windows and a big ass sliding door from my research, however this is the first official number we’ve gotten.

The windows, the light, and the view are what sold us on the house, but it seems they may be very costly for us to not replace. We get a lot of black mold on the lower vinyl surfaces on all seasons. Water leaks in. You can feel the temperature outside by touching the glass, etc. All good reasons to do this. I know the energy savings won’t make up for the cost for 20+ years, etc. and that unless there’s a huge issue, that’s not the reason to replace windows. I’m more concerned about the health of my family, the mold issue, and the huge temperature differentials in the house from night to day.

The company is Lei Enhancements, their Revelation windows. Lots of good tech in there from what I’ve seen. 97% UV rejection, R value of 7 for the triple pane, 5.4 for the double pane. What say you, Oppo? How’s that price grab you?