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You might lose a title one day but if it was in your name, that’s easy enough to fix. What if you lost the title to a car BEFORE you had it put into your name? It can be fixed - but it will take some work. And I explain today.


I’ve lost and replaced a title before. It’s pretty easy to do when you are the last titled owner. But from time to time someone calls me after they lost a title - but before they had put it into their own name.

It could just be really bad luck but I have also seen it when someone bought a project car or perhaps they were planning on skipping the title. I’ve warned about the perils of doing that - and this is one of the possible problems that can arise.


The state of Michigan has three basic ways you can get the title replaced - and put into your name - without the cooperation of the person who sold you the car. But none of them are easy. Here is the audio:


And the video.

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