Replacing your own spark plugs

A tutorial in 30 simple steps. Estimated time: 4 days

1. Pull plug wires

2. Attempt to unscrew plugs that have probably been in there way too long

3. Realize your ratchet is just not cutting it, get your 18" breaker bar

4. Find out you have no 5/8 socket with a 1/2" drive or an adapter. Go to AutoZone for adapter.


5. Continue to use all your strength to remove 2 plugs, take a break while doing the third to put new plugs in

6. Go back to plug 3. Pull until the force required to turn is greater than the structural integrity of the plug

7. *Snap*

8. Curse a lot



10. Curse some more

11. Find bolt extractor

12. Discover your tap wrench isn’t big enough for the extractor you need. Go back to the store


13. Find out that apparently non of the chain stores open weekends carry a decent tap wrench

14. Seriously, none of them. Not big enough to apply the needed torque or fit the needed extractor


15. Try to make due with what you have. Use a ratchet adapter to fit the 1/2" extractor into the 1/4” tap wrench. Slip a ratchet extension on the handle for leverage.

16. Use applied torque to break the adapter

17. Curse some more

18. Go back to the store, but another adapter that hopefully has more structural integrity than the one in the cheap-ish ratchet kit


19. Now break that one, too

20. More obscenities

21. Give up on making that tool work

22. Since you have to wait until Monday anyway, just have your wife take you to work so you can borrow the good tap wrench at work


23. Wake up at 5 am Monday morning with a migraine from hell

24. Take a sick day, don’t get tap wrench. Because that would be kind of awkward

25. Get driven to work Tuesday, get good tap wrench

26. Hitch a ride home

27. Use good tap wrench, get plug remains out within 10 minutes

28. Obligatory picture:

Extracting that extractor will be a project for another day

29. Install plug 3

30. Put off the remaining 2 for next weekend, make mental note to borrow tap wrench again for the weekend

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