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Reporters being attacked

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My brother is a print news reporter and covered the protests/riots in Scottsdale last night. The security for another news agency was attacked by one of the protesters. I’m guessing they thought he was a cop. He’s a retired marine. Took the hit well according to my brother.


My brother was four feet away when it happened. The protestor walked up to him and sucker punched him in the face. The protestor was open carrying a firearm. My brother said a lot of the people looting were open carrying sidearms. He said the people actually protesting were chill, but that a good number of people showed up to cause destruction. They were openly talking about going and getting cellphones, clothes, cash registers etc... The police held back and mostly let them tire themselves out. There were bangs coming from inside the stores, and it was unknown whether they were gunshots or fireworks.

Some of the looters turned their attention to a jewelry store. The owner and his buds were inside with rifles and turned them away rather quickly. They then started harassing people eating at restaurants and began smashing plates.


An interesting and weird development was that Logan Paul was there. He was launching bottle rockets, one of which almost hit my bro. The looting in Scottsdale was much worse than anywhere in Phoenix, which had larger protests. We are now under curfew, solely because of these idiots in Scottsdale.

We are in a full blown shit show. People here aren’t going to tolerate shit like this for very long, snd will begin shooting people behaving like this. I’m not trying to act like a tough guy, just relaying what I see happening.

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