repost for the daytime crowd: Sweat, Bruises and (possibly) Broken Toes. A great concert experience.

I went to see Say Anything perform at St Andrew’s Hall in Detroit last night.

It was a great show. I miss this sort of mosh pit experience. I don’t have a good explanation as to why it’s a great experience, but it is.

You’re in the middle of one big mass of people. you go from 10 ft from the stage to 5 ft from the stage without any notice, or any real action of your own. Bashed around, pushed around, pushing others, getting smushed by others. You’re all there for the entertainment, and the entertainment is there for you. You get your feet stepped on, you end up getting hit by some guy who crowdsurfs awkwardly. You apologize if you bump someone particularly hard, but they don’t care, they’re there for the same reasons you are.


I tried to get photos, but it didn’t matter, that was the guitarist crowdsurfing while still playing the guitar.

I miss this experience so much. I don’t need alcohol for it, I don’t need drugs, I need the joy of tons of people smashed together for the enjoyment of a band.


Have a sweet Bronco that was street-parked near the concert venue.

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