Repost for the evening Mathematicians. Trailer Loading Question and the Morgan

What direction to park the Morgan in, and how to calculate CG?

I’ll take any ideas before I hit the open road. My question is simple.

Does a correct tongue weight, 10-15% of the total load, mean I am within the 60% in the front / 40% in the rear weight loading rule . Therefore my CG is correct. (Can this assumption even be made)


Morgan weighs 1300lbs, and has a 61% front / 39% rear weight bias.

Trailer weighs 1200lbs with an empty tongue weight of 125lbs

Total weight= 2500lbs total.

Loaded engine first the tongue weight goes from 125 to 500lbs, 20% total load. When backed in tongue weight is 300, 12% of total load, and within the correct range. All weights were taking with a tongue scale.

A few unknowns is where the center point of the Morgan is, and the CG of the empty trailer. Some pictures for reference.

Tongue weight is 350lbs and wheels are 12 inches from trailer axle.
Tongue weight is 500lbs and wheels are 4 feet from axle

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