REPOST: Reaching Out to Aspiring Car Bloggers/Writers - Road Magazine

Road Magazine

I launched the online magazine in January and I can't really say stats have been booming. However, I've been putting a couple of strategies in place to increase the traffic and drive in more viewers, so it is growing at a steady pace.

Just to clarify, it is a voluntary position, at the moment the website doesn't generate any financial income to even earn myself so as much as I'd like to pay someone, I just can't at the moment, but we've all gotta start somewhere and I think it would be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to build a portfolio of writing about cars (maybe) or something along those lines.


I'm looking for anyone who loves writing about cars to come along and just post really! The latest news, gossip, whatever it is!

Not to mention we will be very active on OppositeLock too.

I see the potential in it becoming bigger and hopefully lead to printed magazines, in fact here's a little sneak preview of what could possibly be a printed version -

Interested? Email me at

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