Could someone with a stock height, stock lip BRZ (premium or limited) measure the distance from the bottom of the front lip to the ground? And if you’re feeling extra generous, the distance forward from the center of the front wheel to the front tip of the lip?

The plan is still to get a BRZ next year, but my latest concern is driveway scrape. The street we’re on has a pronounced crown, so the angle between the end of our driveway and the road is fairly sharp. Our 2010 Mazda3 Sport scrapes unless taken out veeeeeeery slowly. Supposedly the Mazday is actually a few tenths lower than the BRZ, but I know that’s at each car’s lowest point, which probably isn’t the front bumper. So I’m interested in knowing how low the front of the BRZ is and how long the overhang is. And, just curious, how often have you found scraping the lip to be a problem?