Requesting the assistance of the Oppo "brain" pool...

Can’t remember if I posted this here or not, so asking again, haha!

I’ve noticed in cold weather that my 2009 Hyundai Accent hatch sometimes (it’s random) has a misfire when it first starts up until it warms up.

This usually only lasts for maybe 2-5 minutes and then it is fine, but it sometimes means I have to wait a few extra minutes until it settles before I can go to wherever it is I am headed. I haven’t pulled the codes when it does it in awhile but, if memory serves, it seems to be on cylinder 3 or 4 (I forget which, TBH) most of the time.

I’ve been told it can be condensation in the tank / lines from sitting in the cold temperatures, but it does it whether my gas tank is low or whether it’s full, so not sure on that one.


What does Oppo think? Could it be injectors failing...? Spark plugs...? Coil packs? I know the coil packs were all replaced a few years ago, so they are relatively new....not sure when the spark plugs were last done. The injectors are probably the original ones...

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