a quick recap:

replaced rusted cats in the process noticed leaking oil pan (may be irrelevant but maybe not)


wife reports shaking and weirdness front the engine (this is kinda where we being)

intake boot is discovered to be torn (between airbox to intake manifold) codes are random misfire and a historic code of cam position sensor.


intake boot is replaced, start car, runs worse than before. theories are that the MAS got dirty or spark plugs are old

MAS cleaned, throttle body cleaned, spark plugs are replaced is a painful process that includes removing the intake manifold.


car runs more similar to when when my wife reported the shaking. Still getting these codes:

Illustration for article titled reQUESTing your assistance

current theories:

-cam position sensor is bad but not bad enough to be a current code

- the oil pan is falling apart from the inside out and is contaminating the oil, which only has a couple thousand miles on it.


-the oil solenoid is bad

- the intake control valve is bad

- the injectors are bad

- the coil pack is bad

- some of the above, all of the above, or none of the above

Current plan: change the oil pan, new oil, new filter

what the F should I do?

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