Last week I commented in my own post about my beater victoria in my review that adding more power would ruin the spirit of the car. I would like to rescind that comment.

I was driving back home from taking care of business for my next semester at college when I realized how much I enjoyed the high-end power at freeway speeds.

I took special note how long it takes to get up to highways speeds, but can easily maintain or accelerate once up to speed. Iā€™m not ashamed to say that 250-300 horsepower would be a welcome power range should I ever get another panther that I would invest in.


A full-size Grand Touring sedan. I would love to build a Crown Victoria GT. The main focus is not to be a race car, but a competent highway monster that has ample power when you need it, but it not necessarily distract from the Luxo barge feel. More like an American Car thatā€™s Autobahn-tuned.

My ideal Crown Victoria GT would probably be built from a 2004 P71, a roof rack, a small power boost to 280 HP, slightly stiffer suspension and GT badges from a Mustang. A full investment would be me just finding a wrecked 2006 Mustang GT automatic or manual, and transferring the whole engine and transmission.


Think reliable 7-series...

Iā€™m interested to hear some of your opinions on a Crown Victoria GT.