$770 later and the Buell is home and undamaged! As a celebratory gesture, I ticked the idle up a notch. Mmmmmm, purrs like a kitten missing a cylinder. :)

Put its cover on. I’ll remember to lock it when I get the chance.

Meanwhile, the scooter will be going to the storage unit.


Some fun notes: There were at least 20 bikes at the impound, all there from the same weekend. This tiny town collected everything from my Buell, to a GSXR, to a very very large dual sport....thing, to a typical HD cruiser.

Per the tow guy, the town hates bikes so much that they actively search out any reason to impound them. Some were there for having loud pipes, some for having bulbs replaced with LEDs, some for having custom wheels (a really cool looking Ruckus), and a surprising lot of bikes impounded for the same reason mine was impounded. Per the tow guy, MSF courses are a cash cow.

Eww... I’m not going to ride through that town ever again.

This screwed my finances, but I think I can sell off enough tech stuff to make some of it back.


Lesson learned: Doing illegal things just doesn’t pay. I lost three quarters of a thousand just because I was too excited to wait. *Facepalm*